Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hi Everyone!
My sale last Saturday was a huge success! I spent the week burning the midnight oil and making as much as I could. Of course having the sale at the end of the month meant I also had to have replacement stock made ready to send to the galleries at the start of November....double trouble!!
What madness and great fun at the same time!
I must admit I was a bit worried how the sale would go as I didn't do a lot of advertising and didn't factor in that it would be a long weekend here in Melbourne due to Darby day races and "The Cup" on Tuesday.
Well I worried for nothing (isn't it always the way) and my first customer arrived at 9.50am and we didn't slow down till 2pm.
A BIG thankyou to my daughter J'aime who helped price and set up the day before and to Dianne who was an absolutely brilliant help on the day and kept me sane.....I couldn't have done it without them.

To all my WONDERFUL customers a very big THANKYOU!
Your well wishes and beautiful comments really made everything I do worthwhile. It definitely was, "a feel good day".
Your support is greatly appreciated.

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