Saturday, May 29, 2010

Interview with Ch31 Melbourne

Ok, here is some exciting news. I recieved a phone call last week from Jean Barns from Ch31, the Melbourne community TV station, who wanted to do an interview with me about my jewellery!!!!!!!
Jean had seen my work several times during her visits to Wyreena Gallery in Croydon and lucky for me loved what she had seen.
Well today was the day and I have to admit, even though I tried my best, I did get dry mouth disease several times. Luckily this happened mostly between takes and I was able to make some sense when actually filming.
Jean was an absolute sweetie and did her best to make me feel relaxed and comfortable.Thanks Jean!!
I took along some of my pottery work from "the old days" so viewers could see where my artist journey had started.
If it does get to air , it will be such a hoot, hope my ramblings made sense!

I'll post when I know exact dates. I've been told it will be on twice, Monday 9am on Newsbeat and Thursday 11.30am on Newsbeat.

Also Check out my website as I've put in dates for Term 3 2010 Jewellery Classes

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