Friday, June 18, 2010

Winter Jewellery

Ok, here's the thing, I'm not a winter jewellery kind of person. I tend to make things you can wear most of the year and considering I try to make my work "timeless" it's a real challenge for me to make something for a certain season. I know what your thinking , that for business reasons that's exactly what I should be doing. Yes well, that's all well and good for the mass market but that's not what I'm about really is it. How can I possibly put away those beautiful bright turquoise or coral beads that are just screaming at me to play with them and work with something less alluring?
Also, I'm always so busy and running behind that by the time I get to making that winter jewellery it's spring already!
So what am I trying to say here you ask.
Well this week I decided I would make an effort and put together some pieces that would suit either winter or summer. It also gave me the chance to use some lovely grey agates and black onyx that I've been saving for a rainy day.
So here is the result of a weeks hard work.
If you love what you see and are interested in buying you can check my website for Galleries that stock my work.

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