Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Play Time!

I've been thinking about how much time I spend working, 12 hours some days. You know what I mean, by the time I finish designing, making ,ordering, posting, buying, listing, labelling, delivering let alone cleaning house , cooking, washing ...need I go on!

Now don't get me wrong ,I love what I do and am very grateful that I'm able to work from home but there comes a time when one day just rolls into another and you realize that you haven't seen anyone for days let alone had any fun....I mean real fun that has nothing to do with earning money or having any purpose except just PLAYING. I gave this idea some thought, how much time do I spend playing, the answer.......a big fat zero!

Yes it' s official, I'm a workaholic, how boring!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it's time to change and have some fun.

I decided to buy some paints and play, just play. Splash and rub, stick, colour, cut and paint and see what happens. Now I haven't had any art training and came to the conclusion i will have to do some research on colour and how to use some mediums properly but I have had FUN ,yes real fun just playing.
These two pictures aren't finished but you get the idea of what I've been doing.

So if your busy and have forgotten, like me, that there is more to life, then get out there and explore and enjoy.

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