Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Collage Fantasy

I've been having the best time playing with mixed media collage this week. I had to make a piece of artwork for the 12 days of Christmas display at Stonehouse Gallery,
I thought earrings wouldn't do as they would just get lost so I ventured into my box of tricks and came up with these mixed media collage paintings. I chose the second day of Christmas, being Two Doves ( I'm lazy and didn't want to make 10 Lords or 6 geese!!LOL) and seeing I have Walter as reference I had plenty of inspiration. For those of you who don't know about Walter, he is a lost domestic pigeon that hangs around my house and I feed him.He has been around for years and has bred with the native doves and there are young Walter look alike popping up everywhere!! Anyhoo, we called him Walter after the actor Walter Pidgeon ( 50's- 60's).

So, the two doves are a play on Walter and his Royal attitude and his many loves.

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denise said...

They look great Beatrix - he looks wonderful