Wednesday, June 13, 2012


What to make when you get bored with necklaces,earrings and bracelets? ....RINGS!
I spent today having heaps of fun playing around making rings. As I'm not a fully trained jeweler, it's always a challenge to work out how to make something. All sorts of dynamics come in to play, such as, how to hold one part of something while needing two hands to work on another part. Lucky I have 3 hands! Ummm Noooo, just kidding, but I do have a cool little tool that does hang on to something for me that solves the problem to a degree.
I could make life a lot easier by spending time on YouTube and watch umpteen videos on the subject, but I'm a bit stubborn, or lazy, I'm not sure which. I tend to just jump in and enjoy the experience of trying to work it out myself (I tend not to read instruction manuals either). This means that my solutions are generally a bit unorthodox or quirky, but definitely a bit more organic than highly refined pieces. A look I definitely prefer.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, Bea.
Nice collection, I love the first one.