Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Season Shopping

The past few weeks a a blur. Don't ask me what I've been doing on a daily basis, all I can reply would be working. No fun with friends, family, no frolicking or strolling along the white sand on a blissful sunny day, no smelling the roses (which by the way are blooming beautifully in my garden!).
Don't get me wrong, I love what I do, I really really love it, maybe too much. I don't know when to stop is the problem.
I never seem to catch up let alone get ahead. Every year I promise myself and my family I will be prepared for the Christmas rush. Get plenty of jewellery made ahead of time so I can relax and enjoy the silly season.
You know, catch up with friends, have drinks with colleagues and participate in the crazy gift shopping extravaganza.
Well here I am again, working day and night ( I promised myself I would stop working nights but that seems impossible for my obsessive brain ). It's not about the financial reward. The thing I've worked out is it's about the fact people want to buy what I make, its an emotional reward I'm hooked on.
Maybe it's to do with my childhood, maybe other things, but I have to create something, anything to keep me happy.Well I guess I could have other vices which could be destructive rather than creative. At least what I do gives joy and happiness to people and that keeps me doing what I am doing.
Apologies to my family and friends. I do love you all very much. Only another few weeks and I'm all yours.

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