Monday, April 21, 2014

Autumn in Stonehouse

As the summer days start to get a little cooler and those late night BBQ’s have to move indoors or you have to light a lantern or candle as it gets a little darker, we start to think about getting ready for autumn. 

The thought of shutting off that outdoor space again is always a sad thought, however the thought of cosy fires and gorgeous textured throws to cuddle up on the sofa with, does bring its own warmth (literally)!
So what can you expect to find this Autumn season?

Natural and raw materials are keeping it simple , stripped- back
 wood, polished gem stones and earthy ceramics are making a real feature of the natural this Autumn. Think branches in vases, natural wooden boards for crusty bread and ceramic bowls for warming soups.

And for the special things, add a little gold – a hint of golden thread in a scarf or a picture with a beautiful gilded frame.
Stonehouse has a lot to offer and is forever changing. New treasures arrive weekly from the hands of enthusiastic artists eager to share their craft with you.
Visit Stonehouse and enjoy the offerings.

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