Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Autumn Has Arrived!

It was 11 deg this morning..brrrr
Autumn has certainly arrived and Summer just a warm memory. It's time to clean up the office and studio and I did just that at 4 am this morning. Yes, thats what I do when sleep escapes me. In all my half awake haste to get rid of a ton of paperwork on my desk I managed to loose a packet of Opals I had only just bought.
2 hours later after putting on my Sherlock coat and cap I finally found them hiding in a box of jewellery...PHEW!!!
So my office is super tidy now...not so my studio, but that's always a work in progress, I'm just a messy worker....but look at yesterdays results....messy or not!
My niece is visiting and I made her a bracelet to let her know we love her. Hope she likes it!

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